What Is A Session Like?

A session begins with a pule’ (a prayer) to open the space and connect with your Soul.  James reads the energetic flow in your body and goes to those places where the flow is stuck or diminished.  This is usually the source of a person’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain. Through a combination of touch, visualization, and spiritual guidance the body is able to release the pain or trauma held.  All of this is done with the utmost sensitivity and patience as you move through the process.  You feel loved and supported in a profound way. You know it is safe.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone is invited and welcome to experience James’ work. Many of his clients include other healing practitioners and he is often called “The Healer’s Healer.” All who serve and help others will especially benefit from this work. This includes but is not limited to: doctors, nurses, medical service professionals, energy healers, counselors, therapists, massage and physical therapists, teachers, flight attendants, real estate agents, hair and salon professionals and more. James works individually with each person to help clear and strengthen their personal energy fields to minimize stress and burnout and increase energy, vitality and a vibrant sense of well-being.

Can A Session Help Me Become Pain Free?

All illness, pain, or suffering has to do with diminished or blocked energy flow. Pain is the tip of the iceberg of something that is out of alignment in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual body. By shifting the energetic flow through a person’s body, James can help you release physical pain and trauma, allowing the body to reestablish it’s natural Divine flow. The results can include elimination of waste and toxins on the cellular level and a sense of relief and calm to your whole being.

What Are The Origins Of James' Work?

James has developed an unparalleled fusion of Ancient Wisdom passed down to him through family roots going back over 20 generations in Hawaii. His mastery includes techniques learned from many Old Hawaiian,  Traditional Maori and Mayan Healers. His Kapuna (ancestors) are the guiding force behind his work. This combination allows him to “see” inside a person’s body and shift the energy, relieve tension, remove pain and experience a sense of wholeness. Through the support and guidance of these ancient lineages, James’ work helps people connect to the Earth Mother herself. Many experience an entirely new awareness of being grounded in a physical body, free of pain, and expanded, vibrant and free.

Schedule a Session with James

Whether in-person or in a remote session, we can shift your energy, release cellular memory, find relief from pain, unburden you from generational trauma and clear blockages at the core level of your life.  Let’s get started!
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