My work with James has been life changing.  I’ve gone through years of therapy in a few minutes, processed lifetimes of trauma in a few hours.  One of the most meaningful days of my life was spent in a long four hour session with James clearing and releasing trauma throughout my mind, body and spirit.  I feel like I leapt lightyears ahead in my growth and development as a soul on earth.  James has also helped me keep my body strong for my job as a Kundalini yoga teacher.  I can’t say enough about how powerful he is.  Run, don’t walk, to work with him…every single chance you get.

Ramdesh Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Marketing Consultant

TRUST, REASSURANCE, ACCEPTANCE, COMFORT and ENCOURAGEMENT. These are words that describe what I receive in sessions with James. I have come to realize, though, that the power of the sessions lie more in how James guides me to the place of trust, reassurance, acceptance, comfort and encouragement within myself.  A trace of wisdom is always there for me to discover.


Ecstatic Dance Instructor, Watertown, MA

“James has a unique ability to tune into the issues in my body and facilitate the release of blockages, both emotional and physical. He broadcasts a very safe and open experience. Sessions with him have resulted in feelings of spaciousness and transformation. He has helped me breakthrough many barriers!”

Sandra Hickman, MA,CCHT

Digital Homeopathic Practitioner and Healing Coach, Phoenix, AZ

James Light Work is an opportunity to immerse your Self in an experience that inspires soul evolution and personal transformation. His insight and approach to the whole of your being is a spiritual art form and distinctly original.  Jame’s inner guidance is a precious gift that keeps giving. His work has the ability to refine the chaotic nodes, transcending time and space, ushering in a new paradigm of Being.

Sarah Sinclair

Prema Birthing/Rising Star Healing Practitioner , New Hope, PA

James Kawainui’s work is transformative. By tuning in to his clients physical body he can intuit the causes and history of your pain. As a Myotherapist myself I appreciate his work.  The combination of intuition and hands-on-healing is an amazing life changing experience. He is an amazing healer!

Betsy Timmerman

CBPM, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Fibromyalgia Educator, Phoenix, AZ

I was given the amazing opportunity to experience James’ gift after hearing raves about him from friends and colleagues. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I went forward, but even at first meeting James made it so easy and comfortable for me. The session was revelatory; it’s quite something to come to someone in a fog and have them recognize you better than yourself. I was so stunned (for lack of a better word) I brought my mother to have a session with James. She was skeptical at first but walked out a woman whose appearance was in affect ten years younger. I wholeheartedly recommend James as someone who helps unlock things for you, but does it in such a gentle and respectful way. He gives you a peace and space we so often forget to give ourselves. 🙂

Joannie Elston, LMT

Qua Spa, Ceasar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV

One session with James did more than 10 years of therapy!


LMT and Lomilomi Practitioner, Kansas City, KS

In my first session,  James guided me on an inner journey in which I met my mother and maternal grandmother.  The result of that meeting, that journey, was the healing or resolution of the “mother wound” that I had been working to resolve for well over a decade.  It was simple and profound.  Afterwards, I began to experience my mother with compassion, understanding, gratitude, and love, and our relationship continues to benefit from that single journey.  With James, I experienced a sense of trust and connection, and from him, a deeply loving and wise presence.  I feel profoundly grateful!

Laura Campbell

MA, SEP/Spiritual Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Loveland, CO

As a healer James works deep, very deep! His body work goes to whole different level by aligning the physical body with  the spirit. His intuition is spot on and the power in his hands opens profound place of peace and well-being.


Artist & Musician

James’ house clearing was life-changing for me. In 2012, I had lost one of my dogs and was still somewhat overshadowed by a separation of several years. I was living in the house I had purchased with my ex-husband. After the house clearing, I felt an opening that I had wished for, but hadn’t been able to achieve despite countless efforts. Five months later, I woke up with an idea for a book, which has healed deep wounds. I believe James’ clearing was the foundation for my inspiration.

Jacqueline Langis

Author and Visionary Artist, Vancouver. WA

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