Remote Healing Sessions on Skype Through a combination of techniques inherited from my Kupuna (ancestors) and through the teachings from Hawaiian and Maori Elders, I am grateful to have been gifted with a unique ability to see, feel, and sense pain and discomfort in another person’s body. Through this connection, whether in person or at a distance, I am able to help people shift and transform, often in miraculous ways. During a remote session, I work with you using techniques such as personal guidance, visualization, and meditation to help identify and dismantle old thought forms, belief systems, and blockages that prevent you from understanding your True Self.  We locate the root cause of that pain or discomfort — whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual –and reestablish your connection back to your Divine Blueprint and Higher Self.  You will be given specific tools to help you maintain and strengthen that connection. The result is a profound experience of being grounded, clear, stable, balanced, centered, empowered, and relaxed. 90 minutes –  $275

James has a real gift and is an angel. He has been a significant advocate through a difficult time of life path transition & connection with my destiny. I’ve been working with James remotely via Skype and his healing way resonates with my soul in the energy work we’ve done together. His heart is open allowing him to create a loving and safe space for healing, guidance, & growth to manifest. katherine Mardesich

Entrepreneur, Mom, Yoga Instructor, Atlanta, GA