House Clearings & Blessings Can Greatly Benefit:

  • Families, Couples & Individuals Moving into a New Space
  • Realtors wanting to sell that “hard-to-sell” home
  • Businesses or Organizations needing a “fresh start” or an infusion of new energy
  • Homes or Land carrying old generational energy or dimensional entities
  • New Businesses wanting to infuse the space with purposeful and powerful Intention
  • Clearing family homes of energies resulting from death, divorce or illness

The house sold in two days and we were offered more money than the asking price!

House Clearing and Blessing

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately felt comfortable — as if you were home or at a dear friends‘?   And have you ever walked into a place where you felt so uncomfortable all you could think about was leaving?  Energy — positive or negative — affects not only our physical self but also the spaces and places where we live, work, and play.

Energy imprints itself as a memory and is held in homes, buildings, land, and even furniture and objects (antiques, primitive art, indigenous artifacts, family heirlooms, etc.).  Positive or negative, it affects the people that inhabit that space.  Having clean, clear energy in your home or work environment is vital to the overall health, well-being, productivity and creativity of everyone who lives or works in it.

Part of the work I do includes clearing negative or unwanted energies from homes, business and sometimes even the land itself.  These unseen energies can prevent us from feeling safe, nurtured, and supported and sometimes even hinder our growth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

During a House Clearing or Blessing, unwanted or negative energies are removed and replaced with neutral energy.  The space is then re-gridded and infused with positive, loving, nurturing energy that is in alignment with its True Purpose.  “Part of the gridding process can include the use of stones and crystals to enhance the energy.  If you are interested ask James for details during your consultation.”

“Because there are many variables, pricing is done on a case-by-case basis.  Your home or business is a critical part of your life , shouldn’t you feel comfortable, secure, and supported by your surroundings?  Contact James to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.  Knowing what your needs are will help James put together the ceremony that will best serve you.”

I had the honor and privilege to have James work his magic and perform a clearing for a house that I was fixing up to sell.

My husband and I purchased the house as a rental investment 12 years ago. My daughter lived in the house for the past 6 years while she was in college. She felt very uncomfortable in the house from the beginning. She had many experiences of objects flying off the shelves, doors opening and closing and the TV being turned on in the middle of the night. She could not wait to move out of the house. After she purchased a house of her own and moved out, we decided it was time to sell.

After James completed his clearing, I felt a big shift in the energy right away. His presence and process was peaceful and non-intrusive. He shared some insights he received about the house that explained some of the activity that my daughter experienced and shed light on situations involving the house.

I met with my realtor a few days later to complete the transaction to place the house on the market, and he remarked on how different the house felt. He said the house felt much lighter and was more comfortable than before. My daughter came by one last time and felt the difference right away. She said the house felt warmer and more inviting inside.

The house sold in two days and we were offered more money than the asking price!

I believe the clearing that James performed was a blessing and helped to clear the energy in the home, leaving it brighter and warmer inside.

I recommend James wholeheartedly to clear any home or property and I am grateful to him for the wonderful work he did on my house.

Cathy Regan

Busines Owner and Entrepreneur, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Phoenix, AZ

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