Ancient Wisdom Mentoring Programs

James has a lifetime of experience and the gift of listening to his Kupuna — and he is passionate about sharing it with others. Ancient Wisdom Mentoring is for those who feel called to live a life of integrity on every level. This is an individually guided, one-on-one program that is specifically tailored to each person, allowing for in-depth levels of self-inquiry and exploration.  In Level II, beginning and intermediate studies in Manalima Lomilomi Hands-On Healing is introduced. All mentoring sessions include teachings from the Hawaiian and Maori lineages.  Schedule a time to speak with James about creating the program that best suits you.

Ancient Wisdom Mentoring Teachings will help you:

  • Develop Deep Listening from a state of absolute neutrality and integrity to allow hear your Kupuna (your ancestors, guides, angels) with clarity and confidence
  • Understand how to create and hold sacred space with impeccability, for yourself and others
  • Master fundamental principles and protocols of Energy Hygiene
  • Ground your energy to develop a vibrant, life-sustaining connection with Mother Earth
  • Become aware of the energy and anatomies of the physical and subtle bodies and how to work with them consciously for healing and well-being
  • Develop your intuitive skills in order to feel the subtle currents and movement of energy throughout the body and the energetic fields
  • Learn Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice
  • Learn to structure and re-structure energy when working with clients (Level II)
  • Use the principles and techniques of Manalima Lomilomi Hands-On Healing Work (Level II)

The Ancient Wisdom Mentoring Program is intensive and transformational on every level. You will grow in ways beyond imagination as you develop the skills and consciousness to be a grounded, aware, fully present Being of Light in a physical body, with compassion and love for yourself, others and the world.

The program is structured in three modules.

Level I: 4 or 6 Month Ancient Wisdom Mentoring

  • Once a month 60-minute Wisdom Mentoring Session
  • Once a month 90-minute Remote Healing Session
  • Weekly or bi-monthly email support

Level II: 6 Months Ancient Wisdom Mentoring with Introduction to Manalima Lomilomi

  • Once a month 60-minute Wisdom Mentoring Session
  • Once a month 90-minute Remote Healing Session
  • Weekly or bi-monthly email support
  • In Person Weekend intensive in Phoenix, AZ (mid-day Friday through mid-day Sunday)

Application into the program includes a personal 20-minute consultation. Students will be asked to keep a journal of their experiences and to complete monthly assignments. Transportation, food and housing costs are not included for those traveling to and within Phoenix, AZ for weekend intensives. We will provide a list of recommended nearby accommodations, grocery stores and places to eat to help you feel comfortable and nurtured during your stay in Phoenix.

50% Deposit required, per module, upon acceptance and registration. Balance due at the time of the first session of each module. For questions and more information contact James at