James is like a surgeon. He is very precise, patient & confident. He removes lots of unwanted stuff like fear, stress and trauma, deep from the cells. He is SUPER SAFE, compassionate, gentle yet infinitely strong and very intuitive.  James has moved the deepest traumas out of my body!  It felt like lifetimes of stuck old stuff got carved out — his work is that powerful.  I recommend him to all my friends.

Beatris Karaoglanyan

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sacred Relationship Counselor & Teacher, www.relationshipsandyoga.com

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As a Native Hawaiian Healer, I employ a number of different modalities in my work, including hands-on healing, spiritual counseling, mentoring and teaching, as well as clearing energy for homes, the land and spaces. Please use the links below to explore all the possibilities to discover how I may assist you in living a more inspired and transformed life.