The Creative YOU!

A prosperous life, an amazing career, a juicy and loving relationship. What is the vision that you have for your life?  How successful have you been at “visioning” and creating that life? What seems to be holding you back? Are you living to your full potential?  Join James Kawainui as he walks you through the process of understanding and letting go of your “story” and the thoughts that keep you stuck feeling and unfulfilled.  Let James guide you through the steps to help you realize your goals and dreams and how to begin creating your AMAZING Life

James Kawainui is a Teacher, Mentor, and Healing Practitioner whose family roots go back many generations in Hawaii.  James works with people from all over the world both in-person and remotely to help them overcome physical pain, emotional trauma, and illness so that they can find relief and happiness; and live pain-free, purpose-filled lives.  James currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Crystal Bowl Master Ashana.

For more information, you can reach James at:                                                                                                              
(808) 753-2486


Join us for this workshop:

Class Name: The Creative You!
Class Date : 3/18/2020
Class Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Cost: $25

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