I wanted to be a nurse in my early 20’s. Even back then, I had an unconscious sense of wanting to help people. It never amounted to anything and I went in another direction because at the time I thought it would be the best thing to support my family. I ended up working as a senior executive for a multi-million dollar corporation. One evening 15 years ago, I was literally “tapped” on the back of my head. I heard a voice loud and clear that said “It’s time to go home!”   In that moment, I had an awakening and my entire life changed. I walked into my boss’ office the very next day and quit. He cried and told me he wished he had the nerve to do what I was doing. I sold everything and moved back to Hawaii where I lived in a shack on the beach for three years. I spent every day listening to the sound of the ocean and the song of the whales. I emptied my mind and though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was learning how to Listen and Surrender.

Through listening, I learned that my Kupuna (my ancestors) had been talking to me for a very long time. The more I stopped to listen, the quieter I allowed myself to become, the more they talked to me. They tell me things. They tell me what a person is feeling. How the energy is running through their bodies. What kind of “story” they are holding to. Where to press and hold. What to say. How to take away someone’s pain. How to love everyone and everything. My Kupuna is the reason why I have dedicated my life to helping people and the heart behind my seva (service) in the world.