004I created Manalima Lomilomi as a combination of several techniques, some of which were handed down to me by my kupunas (ancestors) and from teachings with Hawaiian Lomilomi Masters and Maori Healers. It is a way of looking at the body in the holistic sense through the mind, body, spirit connection. Manalima Lomilomi helps to reestablish the natural energetic flow of the body.

Ever had that nagging feeling that something lies just under the surface, it’s been there for years, and you just can’t put your hand on it. An emotion, or a mood. Like constantly looking over your shoulder or never really feeling SAFE. There is a pain somewhere in your body that never goes away. Most of the time we pay little attention to the “niggles” as I call them, until they get to a point that we cannot ignore. The body reacts in physical or emotional pain. Then we seek relief and go looking for someone or most of the time, something to help shift the pain.

Physical pain is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. It is one of the ways that the body tries to tell us that something is out of sync. Typically we think it is physical, because that’s where it seems to come from. There can be a deeper reason that has to do with either an emotional, mental, or spiritual issue that we may or may not recognize. Sometimes we can associate it with an event or events that have happened in our lives. We may not realize that these events could also be life time’s old. We tend to ignore it until something happens in our life that forces us to look at what is causing the pain or we come to an “aha” moment where we realize that our life is not in alignment.

Our bodies are the ‘storybooks” of our lives and we hold these stories in the cellular structure on a molecular and subatomic level. It has been recently discovered by scientists about something that I have known about for a long time, that memories can be passed down from previous lifetimes through our DNA. Memories and consequently our emotions can affect the human genome, (DNA) to a point that the molecular structure is permanently altered. This means we inherit more than just the physical aspects of our genetic lineage through the same DNA. We also sometimes inherit moods emotions, characteristics, or personality quirks from our parents and ancestors.

Manalima Lomilomi can help to address these issues by helping you look deep inside to explore what the “core” issue is. Together, and this is the key, we talk to your “unihilipi” (the uncounscious self) through your “kino” (physical body) to access your “uhane” (Higher Self). We look for the root or original cause and create a vibrational shift. We work to find that habituated pattern or thought form and shift it in such a profound way that most people feel almost immediate relief. Together the frequency of the energetic and physical body changes which helps to facilitate an emotional or mental transformation. Many people describe it as a sense of calm that they have never experienced before.

We look for the root cause and shift, on a vibrational and frequency level, the energetics of the emotional memory that your body has been carrying to create permanent shifts in your life.

Let me help you find that place you have been searching for inside yourself of happiness, clarity, and direction.