Crystalline Activation with ASHANA & James Kawainui


The Act of Acceptance and Forgiveness


Ho’oponopono has been a part of Hawaiian Culture for countless generations as a way to resolve conflict and restore harmony and balance in relationships of all kinds. Today, it has become known as a practice of forgiveness. And yet, most people are unaware of its true purpose and origin. 

Join Native Hawaiian Healer James Kawainui as he takes you on a journey into the roots of Ho’oponopono to help you understand how it has been adapted and distorted in modern western society. You will experience a deep process of acceptance, transformation and release as you approach old traumas, situations and conflicts with new eyes. You will leave with an expanded awareness of Ho’oponopono that will nurture and serve you in every part of your life.

Join us for this workshop:
Saturday, July 13, 2019, from 1-4pm
Unity of Sedona Sanctuary: 65 Deer Trail Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336
Advance tickets: $45 $50 at the door day of the event

Inspire Your Life with the Teachings of Old Hawaii!

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Inspire Your Life with the Teachings of Old Hawaii!
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